Lola. Martha. Norene.


A girl with two of her best friends shared a dream. The three of them loved to take care of others and show all who visited a little Southern hospitality – a quality they learned from their grandmothers: Lola, Martha, and Norene. The dream was to use their collective skills to share their passion for hospitality, though they were never really sure what that looked like…


Luckily, those friends were talented. Really talented. They frequently came together to host dinner parties for friends, family, and the like, who all encouraged their crazy dreams and were happy to be the guinea pigs for any and every idea that popped up. In 2018, as serendipity would have it, all three friends were ready to make a major move - and they decided to leap. They sat and wrote down all the things they had to offer the food industry and came up with a plan – to not only service individual clients, but to also serve as a resource and guide to restauranteurs using their collective 50 years in the business. Their skills range from incredibly talented chefs with knowledge of all “soup-to-nuts” back of house operations to FOH, marketing, staffing, PR, training, bar, and build-out expertise. Together, they were unstoppable.

LMN hospitality was created and pushed full steam ahead with a list of services: in-home private dining, cocktail parties, cooking classes, backyard parties, event planning, and restaurant consulting.


While the dream of opening a hospitality company together has come to fruition, there are still many things on their “wish list” for this company. In 2019, you can expect LMN hospitality to host pop-ups around the city of Houston, and possibly around Texas, as well as scope out the potential for a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Stay tuned!



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