Chef Jorge Valencia has dedicated over 25 years to the hospitality industry. Serving in capacities from the kitchen to bar, and front of the house to operations, Jorge is very well versed in leading restaurant, catering, and event staff with ease. While his front of the house knowledge is unparalleled, Jorge’s passion lies behind the scenes in the kitchen.

Jorge’s love for food started at an early age, often joining his grandmother and father in the kitchen. It has continued throughout his adult life. Old friend or new, the first thing Jorge will do upon entering your home is make his way to the fridge – he can’t help but find out what’s inside! His wealth of experience with a multitude of cuisines, and ability to adapt dishes to make them his own, gives Jorge an advantage in his career.

Jorge has been praised by old clients and new for his amazing dishes and the fact that not one of them has ever had the same dish twice – unless they call begging for some of his famous poblano and sweet corn soup!

Chef Jorge Valencia

Cruise Director. Ringmaster. Boss Lady. Little Miss Resourceful. KK.

Kelly Laudadio goes by many names and wears many hats in both life and in LMN hospitality.

Utilizing her social media, marketing, and event planning skills, she opened Kelly Nicole, LLC in 2014 after over a decade with the #1 employment agency in the country, Robert Half International.

After several years of focusing her business and attention on the restaurant industry, she was ready to move forward with the dream of owning and operating a hospitality company of her own.


Her influence can be seen in the design elements all the way down to the day to day operations, including a healthy dose of keeping the chefs in line. Kelly is responsible for all business development, event planning, operations, accounting, scheduling, and bossing. Her thoughtfulness and attention to detail are in every aspect of the company because the little things are the most important things to her.

Kelly Laudadio
Chef Brandi Key
Brandi New.jpg

Chef Brandi Key has spent time in both large and small kitchens throughout her career with each one shaping the chef she is today. In 1999, she began working as a line cook at Pappas Restaurants where, over the next 12 years, she learned the business and systems needed to run multiple restaurants, and worked her way up to R&D Chef.  

Post-Pappas Restaurants, Key spent time in San Francisco, California at Tante Marie Cooking School learning French technique; lived and worked in Napa Valley with Cindy Pawlcyn absorbing the leadership and strength needed to be a chef/owner; and spent 8 years with Clark Cooper Concepts (CCC) in Houston, Texas.

She landed her first Executive Chef position with Clark Cooper Concepts and the opening of Coppa Ristorante Italiano. Next up was Coppa Osteria, Punk’s Simple Southern Food, SaltAir Seafood Kitchen, and The Dunlavy, where Key oversaw the construction and development of the kitchens, menus, and teams responsible for each space as the group's Director of Culinary Operations.

Brandi spent a short time with Lasco Enterprises (Max’s Wine Dive, The Tasting Room, Boiler House) before joining LMN Hospitality to share her passion with our clients.